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The Invisalign Treatment: Procedure, Benefits, and Costs 

Invisalign is a popular treatment procedure that uses clear aligners to correct teeth alignment. The aligners are removable and replace one or more teeth on either side of the mouth. The treatment is typically completed in phases, lasting around 18 months.

It is pain-free, cheap, and can be done on the go. Compared to other tooth-restoration procedures, such as crowns or veneers, Invisalign is relatively short and straightforward.

If you are considering Invisalign treatment, consult with an orthodontist to see if you are a good candidate for the treatment. Check out Invisalign cost Perth today for more info.


What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a treatment procedure used to straighten teeth using brackets, wires, and clear resin. The process starts by palpating the teeth for any crookedness. This information is then used to create a treatment plan that targets the specific areas of concern.

The braces are custom made to move along each tooth in a predetermined sequence, giving your teeth a straighter appearance in as little as 12 months.




How Does The Treatment Procedure Work?


  1. The first step is to take x-rays of your teeth to determine the correct placement of the brackets and wires.
  2. Next, the dentist will use the images from the x-ray to create an exact treatment plan, including specific tooth alignment and movement speeds.
  3. Each bracket is made from customized parts that connect with clear resin.
  4. The brackets are placed just below the gum line on either side of your teeth. They will stay in place for the whole 12-month treatment schedule.
  5. During the treatment schedule, you will need to make several visits to the dentist (at least twice per week). At each appointment, your dentist and Invisalign coordinator will check your treatment progress and make necessary decisions.


Choosing Invisalign: What To Know Before You Decide

If you are looking to improve your smile, Invisalign may be the perfect solution. This FDA-cleared dental treatment uses clear aligners that gradually reshape your teeth into their desired position. There are a few things to keep in mind if you decide to undergo Invisalign treatment in Perth:


  • Cost: Invisalign is not inexpensive, but it can be cost-effective depending on your insurance coverage and the number of aligners you need. The average cost for Invisalign treatment is around $4,000-$5,000.
  • Timing: The time commitment required for Invisalign treatment varies depending on your case and location. Treatments generally last between one and two months, although longer or shorter treatments are possible.
  • Results: Patients undergoing Invisalign typically see a significant improvement in their smile and improved dental accuracy and function. Overall, most patients report that they are delighted with the results of Invisalign treatment.


How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

Invisalign is a teeth-straightening option that can be expensive. Prices vary depending on the particular treatment plan, but the average cost for Invisalign is about $2,000.


What Are The Benefits Of Using Invisalign?

One of the benefits of Invisalign is that it can help straighten teeth. It prefabricates a series of removable clear aligners placed into the teeth outpatient. Over time, as the aligners move and lock together, they gradually shift your teeth into their correct positions.

A secondary benefit of Invisalign is that it may make other dental restoration or treatment options more affordable because you may only need to wear the aligners for some time rather than daily or weekly like traditional braces.

 Other benefits of using Invisalign include:


  1. Improved Appearance. With Invisalign, you can achieve a precise and well-structured smile in as little as four appointments over six months.
  2. Reduced Stress. Knowing that you have the option to improve your smile within a short period can be astonishingly relieving – no more worrying about your teeth or feeling self-conscious when you smile.
  3. Increased Confidence. The confidence you gain from seeing visible results from Invisalign is unquestionable – it can give you the boost you need to feel more like your true self and take on new opportunities!
  4. They Reduce Insurance Premiums. A high-quality, straighter smile means that insurance premiums may go down – saving you money every month!


What Are The Risks Of Invisalign?

Invisalign is a popular orthodontic treatment that uses clear, custom-made aligners to help straighten teeth. While the treatment is effective and can improve overall dental health, some risks are associated. The most common risk is difficulty in handling the aligners properly, leading to them becoming jammed or lost. In addition, overuse of the aligners can damage the teeth or gums, and on rare occasions, they may even cause serious injuries. It is essential to consult with a dentist before starting orthodontic treatment to assess and minimize any potential risks.


FAQs On Invisalign Treatment


What is the Process of Invisalign Treatment?

The process of Invisalign is to align teeth using a series of custom-made, clear braces that are fitted into the teeth. The braces are made from a clear plastic that is flexible and can easily be adjusted to sit comfortably in your teeth. You will need to visit a dentist twice every six weeks for adjustments, and the brace will generally last anywhere between two and four years.


How Much Does it Cost for Invisalign?

The cost of Invisalign varies depending on the level of teeth whitening required and if special whitening accommodations (such as a special tray or light) are necessary. Typical costs for adult full mouth treatment range from $4,000 to $8,000, while partial treatments run approximately $2,000 to $4,500. The average price for children’s teeth whitening services is about half of that charged for adults.


What affects the cost of Invisalign?

There are a few things that affect the cost of Invisalign. The number and severity of any dental issues a patient has, the difficulty of the implant placement, whether extractions are required, and the amount of tooth restoration needed after Invisalign treatment will all contribute to the final price.


How Does Invisalign Work Step by Step?

The Invisalign system uses clear acrylic plastic moved along the teeth using a series of tiny metal and plastic brackets. This is done over time, with periodic adjustments made to the alignment of the teeth. The aim is to shift the teeth so they are all in the same plane, making them look more aesthetically pleasing and easier to smile straight.


  • The first step is to take pictures of your teeth in their natural state. This helps our team create an accurate CAD (Computer-Aided Design) model of your teeth.
  • Once the CAD model is created, we can begin the Invisalign process by measuring the distance between each tooth and creating a custom alignment bracket to fit around each tooth.
  • We then use a small set of dental drills to remove bits of your natural teeth and replace them with custom-made Invisalign brackets, which help shift your teeth one by one into their ideal position.
  • Over time, as your new brackets loosen and fall out, we will replace them automatically.