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Wow, what a crazy year!

It’s difficult to write or post anything at the moment without acknowledging the impact COVID-19 continues to have around the world. We are very grateful to be here in Western Australia, where the situation is relatively stable and where we can live, for the most part, a normal life. So let’s smile and enjoy all that an Aussie summer has to offer, safely and in good health.



Smiles all round, it’s our birthday!

Another crazy thing which has happened in 2020 is that we have recently celebrated 20 years at Belmont Dental Surgery. Ben signed on the dotted line in October 2000, where did those years go? We are very grateful to everyone who has been part of our Belmont journey, patients, colleagues, family, and friends, thank you all, we certainly couldn’t have done it without you. If you are interested we popped a short slideshow on our Facebook page, it’s only a tiny selection of the many memories we have of BDS but it was fun to look back when putting it together.



Sea Change for Dr Beth Winnan

It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were introducing Beth to the practice, but it’s seven years since she arrived at Belmont Dental Surgery, newly married and fresh off the plane from the UK. Life has changed a bit in the intervening time and the addition of two children to her family has found Beth looking for work closer to home. This unfortunately means Beth will be leaving us at the end of the year but we all wish her well in her new position in Fremantle.

Ben, Phil, and Kathryn will all be available to provide continuing care here at Belmont Dental Surgery for Beth’s existing patients. If, however, you wish to have your records transferred then please talk to our friendly receptionists who will arrange the paperwork required.



Our Top Tip for Healthy Summer Teeth

Ever heard of Pagophagia? It’s a medical condition characterised by craving or chewing ice or iced drinks. Even if you do not have Pagophagia, chewing on ice has the potential to damage your teeth and gums. To preserve your summer smile:

Think about letting ice cubes melt slowly in your mouth rather than crunching down on them

Switch to shaved ice (just be careful of the sugar content of slushies)

Change out your crunch by chewing on crispy fruit or vegetables instead of ice.

The Colgate website has has some more information and also suggests talking to your dentist or medical practitioner if you believe your craving for ice could be related to an iron deficiency.



Remember the ADA WA website is also a great resource for information on all things dental and we are also happy to answer general dental questions either over the phone, via email, or Facebook and Instagram.